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Give a gift that honors your father

Melissa Schultz
Jun 13, 2017

The mark of a good father is etched in the hearts of his children.

He supported your dreams, he held your hand, he had your back, and he paved the way for your future. Even today, he still holds your trust and respect.

This Father’s Day, celebrate your Dad by helping a refugee father protect and provide for his family as your father cared for you.

For $35, you can give one refugee father access to critical essentials such as emergency food, clean water, medicine, hygiene items, and durable clothing.

After you give, you can send your dad an e-card letting him know the impact he will make on a struggling father … a father like Abdul, a refugee whose name we’ve changed to keep his identity safe.

Five years ago, bombs began falling in Abdul’s village. As he watched his neighbors being killed in the streets, Abdul knew it was time to flee — he had a responsibility to protect his family.

They found shelter in a refugee camp, but life hasn’t been easy. Full-time work isn’t available for refugees, so Abdul is forced to look for odd jobs to earn a small income. Often, his children go hungry.

Despite their hardships, Abdul remains hopeful about his children’s futures.

“What I want the most for my children is for them to go to school, get educated, and live a normal life,” Abdul said.

But feeding his family is becoming more and more difficult. Supplies at their camp are running dangerously low.

Abdul is running out of options.

This Father’s Day, show appreciation for your father’s sacrifices by helping some of the poorest fathers on earth care for their children, too.

What better way to celebrate your father’s impact than to let it transform another father in need?


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