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Give someone the biggest (and most life-changing) gift they've ever received

Rachel Godwin
Jun 12, 2020

What’s the biggest present you ever received?

Maybe it was a giant box under the Christmas tree this past year … or a bicycle your parents hid in the garage for one of your childhood birthdays.

There’s just something about a giant, beautifully wrapped present that can make us all giddy with excitement.

Recently, one community in Uganda received a present that was 8 feet wide, 9 feet tall, and 40 feet long! It didn’t come with a big shiny bow, but it was still the greatest gift they had received in a long time — it was a shipping container packed full of lifesaving medical supplies that had been donated to help people in need.

When you or your company donates items like food, clothing, medical equipment, hygiene items, and school supplies, you’re not just giving a gift that will be opened once then put away. You’re giving a gift that will help save lives and give families living in poverty a brighter future.

A perfectly timed gift arrives in Uganda

The container of donated medical equipment that was sent to Uganda couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. The local doctors and hospitals were battling the coronavirus without the proper equipment they needed to stay healthy themselves.

The medical workers were so excited when they saw the trucks arrive carrying boxes of protective gear that had been donated by people just like you! Some of the items they received included:

• 1,500 full kits of personal protective equipment

• 4,200 N95 face masks

• 500 wearable air purifying respirators

Uganda’s Ministry of Health gratefully received the items and distributed them to all of the hospitals where coronavirus patients were being treated. It was the largest medical donation they had received since the pandemic spread to the country in March.

“The government is happy, and the medical workers are the happiest!” our Ugandan partner said. “Millions shall be saved by this donation.”

Before this gift of medical supplies arrived, several doctors and nurses had contracted the virus because they had no protection. But these boxes full of gloves, masks, respirators, and other items will now help keep everyone safe!

When you donate supplies, you change lives

When you donate gifts-in-kind to be shipped around the world, you will help improve so many lives … like Asha’s.

Asha was one of thousands of people who benefited from medical supplies that arrived in Nepal earlier this year. At 63, Asha’s feeble body prevented her from walking and standing on her own anymore. She stayed in the hospital, confined to a bed.

So, she was thrilled to learn that the hospital had just received a shipment of donated walkers and crutches — along with vital sign monitors, EKG machines, stretchers, exam tables, 10,000 hygiene kits, and so much more!

Asha received a walker, and for the first time in a long time she was able to stand! She’s now on her feet and enjoying every minute of it. Asha didn’t just gain her mobility back … she gained her independence. And for that, she is so grateful.

Still, other children, grandparents, healthcare workers, and more around the world are in desperate need of lifesaving supplies.

Many hospitals worldwide lack the proper equipment needed to care for the sick and injured. Impoverished families need food. And children living in remote communities need basic necessities like clothes and shoes.

You can help provide these items they urgently need.

How it works

World Help has partners all around the globe who are able to identify the men, women, and children in their communities with the greatest needs and make sure that the supplies you donate arrive safely in their hands.

When you provide gifts-in-kind, you’ll receive consistent communication to help you know the status of your donation, where it will be sent, and even hear stories from people who benefited thanks to your gift.

For companies, donating products from your business also sends a clear message of corporate social responsibility to your customers — ultimately strengthening your brand.

Click the button below to learn more and donate gifts-in-kind today.

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