Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday


As the holiday season approaches, we can’t help but reflect on the excitement and joy of giving. God gave us the greatest example of giving when He gave us the precious gift of Christ . . . a gift that literally changed the world forever.

This year, what if we chose to give a gift that reached far beyond our immediate circles?

What if there was a day dedicated to letting our kindness and compassion reach the very least of these in this world?

We invite you to partner with us on Tuesday, December 1 for #GivingTuesday . . . a day defined by generosity..

Giving Tuesday allows us to emulate Christ’s example by giving physical healing and spiritual hope—a truly powerful gift—to those suffering in the refugee crisis.

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The greatest gift you can offer to those in desperate need is a reason to HOPE.
Share about Giving Tuesday with your community. You might be surprised how many people will get involved because of you!

[wh_socialshare tags=”GivingTuesday!”]Let’s shine a light on refugees in the Middle East this Christmas. Please join me for GivingTuesday[/wh_socialshare]   [wh_socialshare tags=”GivingTuesday!”]Together, we can transform refugee communities this Christmas.[/wh_socialshare]   [wh_socialshare tags=”GivingTuesday!”]I’m committed to making a difference on Dec 1. Please join me here-> [/wh_socialshare]
[wh_socialshare tags=”GivingTuesday!”]Join @world_help Dec. 1 for GivingTuesday, a day defined by generosity. [/wh_socialshare]   [wh_socialshare tags=”GivingTuesday!, BlackFriday, CyberMonday”]After BlackFriday and CyberMonday comes GivingTuesday! Make a difference-> [/wh_socialshare]


Get involved: World Help’s Christmas Campaigns


Christmas Gift Catalog

Browse our World Help Gifts catalog to find items uniquely chosen to meet the needs of people living in impoverished communities worldwide.

You can give a mosquito net to provide life-saving protection, an education to a child living in poverty, or even a medical clinic to serve the needs of an entire village. Inspire hope this Christmas by giving a gift that could change the world.

Browse Gifts


World Help Christmas Gift Catalog

Refugee Relief

As the refugee crisis continues throughout the Middle East, thousands of lives are hanging in the balance.

In recent months, the refugee crisis has escalated to unprecedented levels, leading us to expand our vision beyond the early phase of our strategy—emergency supply distribution and medical aid—to providing sustainable support in several key areas including education, spiritual development and resources, a church building, and sustainable job opportunities.

This Christmas, you can help us supplement continued humanitarian aid with sustainable models for lasting change.

Provide Aid To Refugees


Iraqi Refuge Crisis

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Giving Tuesday

A day defined by generosity. A day to join us in impacting the world.
Mark your calendar for Dec. 1.


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