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Global inflation means food and medicine aren’t guaranteed for refugees like Katmeh

Megan Stoia
Aug 11, 2022


Did you know that Jordan is home to one of the largest refugee camps in the world?

The Zaatari camp was first opened in 2012 in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Today, there are thousands of refugees living in this massive complex.

Unfortunately, those that fled to Jordan over the past decade haven’t found the better life they’d hoped for. They still need help to survive.

Approximately 86% of refugees currently live below the poverty line, and 90% have no idea where their next meal will come from.

Finding work in Jordan is also extremely difficult. The unemployment rate is high because there simply aren’t enough jobs to go around. Many refugees don’t even have the option of working because they can’t obtain a permit.

Katmeh no longer needs to worry about how she will provide for her children because of your generosity

While the situation may seem bleak, you have the power to make a difference by providing someone with help and hope — someone like Katmeh.

Katmeh is a single mom living with her six children in a Jordan refugee camp. Being a mother is her full-time job, especially since one of her children is disabled.

“The disabled child always needs milk and a monthly medicine that costs $60,” our partner shared. “And [Katmeh] has no income to provide her children with food.”

She used to rely on assistance from other refugees, but global inflation has left everyone struggling to survive. There are no longer extra resources to share.

Katmeh is at a loss for what to do to care for her family. She worries about how she will provide basic necessities like food, clothing, and medicine for her kids.

Katmeh needs someone to step in — someone like YOU.

By giving Katmeh access to her son’s medicine, you have given her help and hope for the future

Generous corporate donors and grants have already provided emergency aid like food, clothing, medical equipment, and more. These lifesaving supplies are waiting to be shipped … but this can’t be done without your help!

Each $1 you give to cover the cost of shipping sends $16 worth of aid. This means your gift has 16x the impact!

Just $30 will send $480 worth of supplies to someone in desperate need.

When you give, you provide a single mother like Katmeh with resources to feed her children. You provide families with medical care they’d never have access to otherwise … you literally help save lives!

And most importantly, you demonstrate the love of Christ to someone who urgently needs help and hope.

Please give today to see your impact around the world multiply 16x!


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