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God gave Michael a vision for Ukraine

Megan Gingerich
Mar 26, 2022

Several years ago, after seven days of fasting and praying, Michael heard the Lord tell him to prepare a refugee center for Ukrainians. He’s spent nearly a decade preparing, and it wasn’t until this February that he finally understood why the Lord placed Ukrainians on his heart.

Ukraine is in a state of chaos. Airports, residential neighborhoods, and hospitals have been destroyed, and Ukrainians are still running for their lives trying to get to safety.

Families are being torn apart every day, and after weeks of fighting, it still feels like the war has only just begun.

Michael is watching the crisis unfold and doing everything he can … but nothing could have prepared him for the mass exodus he’s witnessing now.

More than ever before, Ukraine needs your prayers. But they also need help.

The trauma displaced Ukrainians endured in the past month is unimaginable. Refugees need things like food, water, blankets, clothes, and counseling to heal.

Many originally hoped that they’d be able to return home in two or three weeks, but Michael knew right away that the war wasn’t going to be short-lived.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think it will end in two weeks,” Michael said. “The enemy can do a lot of damage in Ukraine.”

Michael’s prediction is turning out to be correct, and Russian forces aren’t slowing down.

The refugee center expects the pace to stay consistent for the next six months, at minimum. That means they desperately need more food, medicine, clothing, and other essential aid for refugees arriving at the border. Most refugees don’t have a plan … they just know they need to get out.

Over 3.6 million Ukrainians have already fled, and millions more are internally displaced. Because men between the ages of 18-60 are required to stay and defend their country, most refugees are women and children.

In this desperate time, the body of Christ needs to come together and pray for the crisis in Ukraine. But it’s also time to take action and be an answer to prayer.

It’s easy to look at the crisis unfolding on the news and feel like there’s nothing you can do — but that’s not true. You have the power to make a difference.

Every $35 helps one refugee by providing a week’s worth of food, water, shelter, clothes, medical care, and more.

Today, your gift gives partners like Michael everything they need to help a refugee in Ukraine or another high-conflict area. And when you give, you’re not only providing for physical needs … you’re also helping introduce a refugee who feels lost and hopeless to the love of Jesus Christ.

Click the button below to make your gift today.

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