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Guatemala: Gaining Ground for a Better Tomorrow

Vernon Brewer
Jan 28, 2016

I’ve traveled to Guatemala more times than I can count, but my most recent trip may have been the most strategic one yet.

Guatemala has recently undergone some major political changes—and I believe God is in control.

The nation’s new president Jimmy Morales is a fellow Christ follower . . . and we’re partnering together to transform the impoverished landscape of this beautiful, but broken country.

Operation Baby Rescue - World Help

Last week, my son Josh and I, along with our partner Carlos Vargas, had the privilege of presenting President Morales with millions of dollars worth of medical equipment that World Help has helped to secure. These resources are huge for Guatemala, as even the hospitals are affected by extreme poverty. We estimate this equipment will aid one million suffering people!

I was stunned when President Morales recognized this gift for his country in his first inaugural address, and even thanked us personally in a ceremony later that week. It’s clear that we share the same vision to bring long-term solutions to Guatemala’s most disadvantaged.

Josh Brewer, Vernon Brewer, Jimmy Morales, Carlos Vargas(L-R: Josh Brewer, Vernon Brewer, President Jimmy Morales, Carlos Vargas)

The conditions throughout rural Guatemala are disturbing. Ninety percent of the indigenous population lives in poverty, which contributes to widespread malnutrition, low literacy rates, inequality . . . the list goes on.

But that’s also why our efforts are so critical here. Every investment is dramatically magnified.

Guatemala water projects - World Help

I thank God for allowing World Help to partner with President Morales at the start of this new chapter in Guatemala’s history. Please pray with me that new doors will be opened in our efforts to share help and hope there.

Every day, World Help partners work to rescue malnourished children, operate feeding programs, plant churches, build schools, and more. We believe transformation is possible for Guatemala because we’re watching it happen as we seek to serve as the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus.

Guatemala child outreach - World Help

I hope you will consider being a part of the incredible work He is doing in this nation. Partner with us today to rescue a child from starvation, train a church planter to take the Gospel into the heart of the Guatemalan jungle, drill a clean-water well, or feed a hungry family.

Together, we can give Guatemala help for today and hope for tomorrow.


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