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Heba was a malnourished teen who could barely walk … but not anymore!

Sam Campbell
Aug 02, 2021

Heba’s family had no place to call home.

They had to leave their home in Syria because of the war when Heba was very young. They wandered the hot desert and passed through many unfamiliar towns. Each night they tried to pitch their tents … but each night someone would chase them off for trespassing.

When World Help’s partners first met Heba, her family had been refugees for years and Heba was a malnourished teenager who had never received help for her special needs.

Thankfully, generous donors helped ship emergency food and other lifesaving supplies to Heba’s family and provided the specialized care that she needed.

The journey out of Syria had been hard on Heba’s entire family of 14 people, but it was particularly difficult for her since her disability prevented her from walking. Still, Heba’s father knew the family had to get out of there.

Rebel groups were raiding and destroying villages. Airstrikes were bombing hospitals. And terrorists burned crops in order to starve thousands of people.

Day in and day out, the family would travel, just looking for a bit of shelter. It was exhausting — especially for Heba.

Finally, Heba’s family found a piece of land that they were able to rent with other families. The cost of the rent, though, meant that many other basic necessities were out of reach. They could barely afford food.

Heba’s father encouraged her older brothers and sisters to marry early so they would have spouses who could at least help provide for them. But this wasn’t an option for Heba. She stayed with her parents and younger siblings, struggling more every day.

There was no money for any kind of special treatment, and being constantly hungry and malnourished only made Heba weaker.

If generous donors hadn’t shipped food and other aid when they needed it most, Heba’s family isn’t sure how they would have survived. They were especially grateful for the nutrient-enriched rice they received, which is full of lifesaving vitamins to help Heba get stronger.

Her health has improved so much since she now has the nutrition she needs! She’s even attending a special school where she is learning to read and rehab where she is learning to walk on her own.

Still, there are other children like Heba who don’t have the food, medicine, and other lifesaving essentials they desperately need. But YOU have the power to help change that.

Every $1 you donate will ship $21 worth of critical aid to someone in need.

We have donated clothes, shoes, medical equipment, masks, hygiene kits, food, and more ready to be shipped right now. The only problem is we need your help to cover the shipping costs.

You can help make sure these supplies get into the hands of the people who need them as soon as possible so that, like Heba, they can begin to live healthier, happier lives.

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