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Hellen can’t even picture having enough food

April Stumme
Sep 19, 2018

It was late at night, but Hellen was still awake.

A deep, grumbling sound was the only noise in the room she shared with her mother and sisters. But it wasn’t thunder. It was Hellen’s stomach. She had gone to bed hungry again, and her stomach was begging for food.

Hellen was used to going to bed hungry. Her father left her family when she was younger, and they rarely had enough to eat. And now that she and her family lived in a Ugandan refugee camp, they had no way of earning money. Hellen couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have plenty of food … a good night’s rest … and no worries for the future.

Her family was dependent on the tiny food rations distributed each month by the camp. But before the month was up, they were always desperate for something to eat. Since Hellen’s mother wanted her daughters to have a better life, each month she would sell some of their rations to pay for school fees.

It was an impossible choice: feed her children — or give them a better future? Hellen’s mom hated selling the family’s food. But she believed education was the only way her kids would break the cycle of poverty.

That night, as Hellen tossed and turned on her thin mat of papyrus leaves, she wondered if her life would ever get better. Still hungry, she rolled over and tried to get some sleep.

Children in refugee camps around the world go to bed with empty stomachs every day. These kids want to live happy, healthy lives … but that seems like an impossible dream.

But you can make food a reality for a child like Hellen!

For just $35, you can provide food and other essentials like medical care, blankets, and clean water to a refugee. And thanks to generous corporate donors and grants, your $35 gift will multiply to provide $189 of lifesaving aid.

When you put nutritious food back into the picture for a refugee child, you give him stability, health, and the chance for a brighter future. Hungry kids like Hellen run the risk of being malnourished or getting sick. But by providing food, you allow them to focus on being kids again and growing big and strong.

Will you help refugees like Hellen and her family survive their time in refugee camps? You can help feed someone the healthy food he needs for just $35. Give today, and put food back in the picture for a refugee.

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