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Help churches providing COVID-19 relief

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Mar 27, 2020

Here at World Help, our mission has always been to help families on international soil. But as we see our own nation hurting, we can’t help but get involved domestically.

So now when you give to the coronavirus emergency fund, your gift will be used to help meet vital needs both around the world and right here at home.

Your gift will help erase our budget shortfall caused by canceled fundraising events so we can continue meeting the needs of impoverished families, refugees, persecuted Christians, and more. But it will also help distribute emergency food and hygiene kits to those most affected by COVID-19 here in the United States.

And the best part is your gift will be matched up to $235,000 thanks to generous board members. So while it would normally take $8 to help rescue one person with vital aid, your gift will double so every $8 you give now helps rescue two people.

World Help is partnering with local churches in parts of the U.S. These churches have been helping identify families with the greatest needs and distribute food and hygiene kits to them..

This food is especially important for people who have lost their jobs and can no longer provide for their families. And the hygiene kits are essential for cutting down the spread of the virus and protecting people with compromised immune systems. These hygiene kits include items like hand sanitizer, soap, antibacterial wipes, and more.

As the local church is rushing in to try to help in their neighborhoods, now is the time for us to rush in and help back the church.

It’s been so encouraging to see how the church isn’t backing down during this crisis and has come up with creative ways to minister to their congregations and communities.

When you give today, you will be demonstrating Christ’s love by providing emergency food and hygiene kits into the gloved hands of volunteers in America’s worst-hit cities.

You’ll also be helping World Help recover from nearly $2.3 million of lost income needed to help people around the world who desperately need to be rescued. All fundraising events for the foreseeable future have been canceled and charitable giving is at an all-time low, but the needs of the world and the needs of our critical global programs haven’t gone away.

Children in the mountains of Guatemala are still starving. Families in India are still struggling without clean water, something that is so critical in times when hygiene and health are even more important. Refugees in camps along the Syrian border still need medical care to stay alive.

You can make a difference right here in America and around the world. All you have to do is give. And when you do, your gift — and the number of people you help — will be doubled thanks to the matching funds. Remember, every $8 you give impacts two people with critical aid.

Now is the time to show the world that the Church isn’t simply a building. It’s a team that is working to save lives in the name of Jesus Christ. And it’s a team you are a part of.

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