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Help fight India’s deadly second wave

  • May 26, 2021
Noel Brewer Yeatts
Noel Brewer Yeatts

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A deadly second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has ravaged India for the past two months. Hospitals are overrun. Oxygen is in short supply. And starving families under lockdown have run out of food.

People are dying. They need food. They need medical care. And YOU can help give it to them.

Every $12 you donate today will help provide one person in India or around the world with emergency food and medical care, plus meet other urgent needs.

You can help answer the prayers of someone like Simon who is struggling to survive. Let me tell you about him …

Simon, whose name I’ve changed for his privacy, was dying from COVID-19. And he wasn’t the only one. Fifty percent of his entire village was suffering from the virus, so there were no hospital beds to be found.

Simon tried to fight off the disease at home, but eventually he developed pneumonia, too. Every breath became a struggle.

Desperate, he pulled himself into his car and drove to hospital after hospital — wheezing the whole way — looking for help. There were no available hospital beds or oxygen within a two-hour drive of his house!

Fortunately, our India partners learned of Simon’s situation and were able to help provide transportation and medical care at a more distant facility. Otherwise, Simon might not be alive today.

But there are still so many other people — both in India and around the world — in need of help. If they’re not fighting to survive the coronavirus itself, they’re fighting starvation because of food shortages caused by the pandemic.

Some people are so desperate they are digging through the trash for food!

Will you please give today to help another person like Simon survive?

Our partners are working around the clock to provide medical care, oxygen concentrator machines, emergency food, and more. But they need YOUR help.

Your $12 gift will help give lifesaving medical care to one person in places like India where the needs are greatest, plus meet other physical and spiritual needs.

Please give your best gift today so more lives like Simon’s can be saved!

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