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Help rescue a child refugee like Adnan

Vernon Brewer
Sep 25, 2019

If the refugee crisis in the Middle East, South Sudan, and around the globe has taught us anything, it’s this — children always suffer most.

Adnan was born just nine months after the Syrian civil war began. And by the time the little boy was 7 months old, war had come to his family’s doorstep. They had no choice but to run.

They didn’t get far, though. On their way out of town, they were caught in a siege. They were trapped for six months with almost no food or clean water. Adnan’s tiny body wasted away. Every time his mother rubbed his bony back, she had to fight back tears.

At their first chance, Adnan’s family fled to a refugee settlement. They quickly found out that the conditions there weren’t much better. Adnan was starving … but there was little food available. He was weak and needed immediate medical help … but there was none.

Today, you can help rescue a refugee child like Adnan. Your $35 gift will provide emergency food, medical care, and other critical aid needed to keep him alive.

Just imagine what your gift will mean to someone like Adnan. Although he made it out of a war zone, he still is not safe. Growing up in a refugee settlement has not been easy.

Adnan’s body is still small. He is undernourished and has struggled to grow. Every night he sleeps on a bare mattress, huddled up next to his parents. During the day, he attends the crowded school for refugee children and plays with his only toy, a bright green horse.

Living without enough food or medical care is no way for a child to grow up. Many will not live long enough to make it out of the camps.

That’s where you come in. When you act today, you will …

• Provide healthy meals for starving refugee children

• Supply clean water to keep them from getting sick

• Give medical care to rescue boys and girls from preventable deaths

• Create a safe space for a child far from home

Your gift will help refugee children like Adnan survive.

And because of generous corporations and grants, every dollar you give will multiply five times, meaning your $35 will provide $189 worth of lifesaving supplies.

Will you give today and help rescue a refugee child?


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