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Help ship aid for years to come … and multiply your impact 5X!

Vernon Brewer
Jan 12, 2022

I’m writing this blog today because I have an extremely time-sensitive appeal for the World Help family. We are currently receiving so many urgent requests from our partners to send more lifesaving supplies that we can’t keep up with the demand!

And lives are on the line.

That’s why I need your help.

Just last year we received requests for 300 containers of aid from our partners around the world. I’m so grateful we were able to send more than 70 containers filled with essentials like lifesaving food, water, and medicine.

But we weren’t able to send all 300 that were needed.

That means children didn’t receive food. Parents couldn’t keep their kids warm because they didn’t have winter clothing. And doctors couldn’t help the sick!

The bottom line is we need to increase our capacity to meet these urgent needs that have continued to grow since the start of the pandemic.

The good news is you can help! Every dollar you give brings us one step closer to building a new, bigger warehouse so that more lifesaving aid can be processed and shipped to people who need it.

And your gift will multiply 5X!

Every $1 you give will translate into $5 to help ship lifesaving aid for years to come.

But I’m asking you to please give as soon as possible so we can continue these life-changing plans and, in turn, ship even more containers of lifesaving supplies.

I’m sure you know that building costs have increased substantially since the start of the pandemic. That’s why we urgently need your help to raise $3.3 million to build this warehouse so more people than ever before can be helped. That’s my heart behind this project.

Will you get involved? When you give today, your gift — and impact — multiplies 5X!

Here’s why your gift to build this warehouse is so critical:

– You’ll help make sure requests to send lifesaving aid don’t go unanswered and people receive food, clothing, medicines, and more.

– You’ll help eliminate the need to pay costly rent payments since we’ll own this warehouse unlike our current rented space. So ultimately, you’re freeing up those dollars to be put back into helping provide additional lifesaving supplies.

– You’ll help provide even more space than our current warehouse, increasing our capacity and meeting even more urgent needs around the globe!

– You’ll help guarantee World Help’s Humanitarian Aid department can’t be suddenly shut down like it almost was last year when a major retail company nearly took the building’s rental agreement out from under us.

The best part is that every $1 you give multiplies 5X every year! How? Because this $3.3 million building will help ship at least $16.5 million in lifesaving supplies annually!

And that’s just in the first year. Your gift will continue to multiply as more aid is sent out from this warehouse year after year.

Please respond to this urgent need. It’s critical if we’re going to send even more lifesaving supplies to people who are waiting for them.

You can contact us for more information or click the button below to give right now.

I’m praying you’ll give as generously as you can to help save lives around the world in this way.

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