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Can I visit my sponsored child?

World Help
May 23, 2014

Of course! World Help offers a variety of trip options that may provide you the opportunity to meet your sponsored child. For more details on these trips, please visit our trips page.

You can also plan your own trip to visit your sponsored child. These visits are always exciting moments for sponsors and the children. Each visit will be handled on a case-by-case basis in order to determine if the visit will be possible.

The information we need from you to determine if a visit is possible would be:

  • Trip Dates
  • Locations
  • Available Days/Times to Visit With Your Child

At this point, we will submit your request to the Program Director for Child Sponsorship and our partners at your child’s program regarding the possibility of your visit. If we are able to arrange it, you would be required to pay a small processing fee for a mandatory background check.

To find out if you will be able to visit your sponsored child, contact us today!


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