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Can I write to my sponsored child?

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Jul 03, 2014

Absolutely! We highly encourage our sponsors to write to their sponsored children. Letters develop a sense of trust and foster a deeper relationship between sponsors and their children.

The child or children you sponsor would love to hear more about you and your life. Feel free to write about your family, hobbies, friends, favorite Bible verses, your daily life, or anything you feel would be good to share with a child in another country. Photos are also a great addition to your letter!

Because of the country some of the children are located in, our programs may require religious-sensitivity through correspondence. But you are still able to write to them. If your child is in one of these programs, we will communicate this with you shortly after you sign up for sponsorship.

The letters you send to your child are a huge ministry opportunity and a way to show God’s love! They are an opportunity to mentor, encourage, and stand alongside a child in need, rather than just an exchange of information and details. Even if they do not write back right away, your letters are a continuous reminder to your child that he or she is loved, prayed for, and supported.

Read our blog post about the importance of correspondence to your sponsored child!


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