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Here’s an easy way to achieve your New Year’s resolution

It’s that time of year again when we’re all making resolutions. And since you’re a world changer, I have a hunch that one of your resolutions might be to impact even more people in need this year.     

If so, I’ve got a simple and powerful way for you to help. Sign up to become a monthly supporter, and you’ll help rescue men, women, and children every month of 2021!

You know how difficult 2020 was. It seemed like a crisis or disaster waited around every corner. People were pushed further into poverty. Families lost their homes to natural disasters. And children went hungry due to lockdowns caused by the coronavirus.

I know you are committed to impacting lives and give whenever you possibly can. But in 2021, I want to challenge you to share those blessings every month.

Every $12 you give impacts one person. So with a gift of just $24, you’ll provide life-changing help and hope for two people each month!

Your monthly gift will also make sure that help is always ready in the greatest moments of need. When a disaster strikes, families won’t have to wait to be rescued. Your gift will already be on the way!

Let me tell you about Rosa, and why your monthly gift is so life-changing.

Rosa is a little girl living in one of the poorest parts of Nicaragua, and I’ve changed her name for privacy. Last year, she and her family were literally starving because of the pandemic and overwhelming poverty. They didn’t know how much longer they could survive.

“Sometimes we don’t have food at home, and my mother doesn’t have anything to feed me,” Rosa said.

But thanks to generous monthly supporters, our partners were able to rush food to Rosa’s family just in time. Plus, the pastors who distributed the food were able to share the Gospel!

If not for monthly gifts, Rosa’s family may still be waiting for help.  You see, when you decide to give monthly, your gifts are ready to be distributed at the exact moment they’re needed AND they help share the Good News.

And giving monthly benefits you, too. Here are just a few reasons you’ll love being a monthly supporter:

  • It’s convenient: You never have to worry about forgetting to send your gift.

  • You’ll receive updates: Each month, you will receive a report about a person and part of the world you helped.

  • You’ll receive less mail: Because you’re committed to giving monthly, you won’t receive letters or emails asking for one-time gifts.

  • You’ll get to watch your impact grow: At the end of the year, you’ll be surprised to look back and see how many people you’ve helped and the impact you’ve made.

To sign up, visit to make your $24 monthly commitment. And if you respond today, you can start making a difference right away — you can help two people this month!

Your New Year’s resolution to help more people in 2021 will be fail-proof when you sign up to become a monthly supporter because you can enroll to give automatically each month by credit card or direct deposit. Or you can mail your first gift, and we’ll send you a monthly reminder.

Please make a resolution today that will help rescue people in need and show them the love of Christ every month!

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