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Here’s a deal for you this Christmas — 2 for $22

Emily Towns
Nov 14, 2017

It’s a busy weeknight, and it’s time to plan dinner. You look around and notice that many restaurants are offering a deal — two dinners for just $22. That’s a pretty great offer. But what if that same $22 could make a difference that would last far longer than one night?

Just $22! That’s all it costs to change a family’s future by giving them a pair of chickens. Those two chickens may seem like a small and insignificant gift, but they will provide two important benefits — physical and financial.

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Chicken eggs are rich in protein, plus a chicken’s waste can be used as fertilizer, allowing a family to grow nutritious vegetables to fight off malnutrition. Families are able to breed chicks that can be sold at market along with the extra eggs and vegetables. This provides a reliable income that allows parents to invest back into their farms while sending their children to school.

For you, $22 might get you and a friend a nice meal. But for a family living in poverty, it can change their world. This simple gift will give them hope for the future and the knowledge that Jesus loves them.

This Christmas, give the gift of chickens — and the gift of hope — to someone in need.

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