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Hope Amidst Terror

Vernon Brewer
Mar 09, 2012

Recently, the Kony 2012 video has been seen by more than 65 million people. Kony 2012 is an initiative seeking justice for the atrocities Joseph Kony committed through the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

His infamous tactics involved abducting children, stripping them from their families, and brainwashing them to believe they are fighting for an honorable cause. Out of these Forgotten Children, he formed an army of child soldiers, forcing them to commit unimaginable acts under his supervision.

Because of our strategic involvement throughout Uganda, rehabilitating the Forgotten Children, and establishing development projects, we believe that Joseph Kony must be brought to justice.

As an organization that has seen firsthand the devastation Kony inflicted on the Ugandan people, we firmly believe he should face the consequences of his actions. And because of his potential for further violence, we believe he must be removed from causing additional brutality to children and communities throughout Central Africa.

In November 2011, I applauded the actions of the United States Government in joining with the Ugandan Army to bring Kony to justice. World Help fully supports this partnership, and maintains that this task should be considered a priority by the coalition government leaders.

While government involvement is crucial in stopping Kony from his horrendous acts of terror, World Help’s role has been and will continue to be one of mending the lives of those who have been tormented and destroyed by Kony’s rule.

During the height of Kony’s power, World Help intervened by establishing centers for these Forgotten Children. Today, over 1,000 children have been impacted by these centers—places of restoration, where victims of Kony’s terror receive the care they urgently need, as well as a boarding school education. While they provide not only physical nurturing, they also aid in the spiritual healing of the Forgotten Children through ongoing counseling and support.

Child sponsorship also played a key role in restoring Central Africa. Over 4,000 sponsorships have been established since this crisis peaked. These children are receiving the physical necessities they desperately need while being cared for in a nurturing environment. Through sponsorship, children who once spent their lives as victims now have resources that are helping to reconcile and repair their lives.

You can invest in a child’s future today through sponsorship.

World Help has also established a vocational training school where young adults receive training in trades such as welding, electrical work, weaving, tailoring, and sewing. We have already seen over 1,000 graduates from the school—each one skilled in providing for their families.

Discover how vocational training is impacting the lives of young Ugandans without hope.

While it can be easy to turn away from the injustices seen around the world, World Help cannot forget these children. We fully support the removal of Joseph Kony, and our focus remains to restore lives by committing to end the effects of terror and restore the Forgotten Children by giving them help for today… hope for tomorrow.

During the height of Joseph Kony’s reign, I wrote a book discussing the effects of his terror and the stories of these Forgotten Children. I encourage you to order your free copy of Forgotten Children today.


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