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Hope for a Malaria-Free Future

Melissa Schultz
Apr 25, 2016

Have you ever wondered if your investment in a cause is actually making a difference?

There are so many problems facing the world—poverty, disease, war—that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder: Can one person really can change things for the better?

The good news is yes! All it takes is one person to start the snowball effect that leads to radical change.

And today—World Malaria Day—we are pausing to reflect on the fact that worldwide efforts to eliminate this disease are working.

The World Health Organization reports that in the past 15 years, new cases of malaria fell by 37 percent worldwide and by 42 percent in Africa. Malaria mortality rates fell by 60 percent globally. Five countries have completely eliminated malaria from their borders.

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Even though progress is being made, there’s so much more to be done. You can make an impact on this huge problem facing the world by advocating for malaria prevention.

Malaria eradication is back on the world’s radar, but we’re up against some daunting obstacles:

  • Access to treatment and preventative programs is often not available in vulnerable areas of the world.
  • Most victims live in sub-Saharan Africa where funding is severely lacking and medical clinics are limited.
  • Children under the age of five are particularly vulnerable to malaria infection and death—in 2015, more than 306,000 died from malaria globally.

We are invested in malaria education and prevention. Through our Child Sponsorship Programs, we provide disease prevention education as well as mosquito nets to protect children while they sleep—when they’re most vulnerable to being bitten.

Mosquito Nets - World Help

For just $25, you can provide a mosquito net to a child in need of protection.

Even with all of today’s modern technology, insecticide-treated mosquito nets are still one of the best ways to prevent infection. Simply using these nets can drastically decrease the chances of contracting malaria.

That means when you provide a mosquito net, you make an impact with tangible results.

Our hope is that through the use of mosquito nets, coupled with education and early diagnosis through our partnering medical clinics, every child in our sponsorship programs will have a healthy childhood free of malaria.

Will you provide one mosquito net this World Malaria Day for only $25?

We believe there’s hope for a malaria-free future—but it starts with one child, and one mosquito net.



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