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How a trunk full of boxes answered a prayer

Kelsey Campbell
Jun 04, 2018

Nian Zhen’s quiet journey begins before dawn.

By the time the rooster’s crow cracks the cold winter morning, he is already nearing his destination in rural China.

His family has to leave early in the morning so they’re not seen or heard. As they make their way, the winds rustle through the rice fields. The only sounds are nature and their tired footsteps.

According to the Chinese laws, these Christians should be attending a government-regulated church. But instead they are on their way to a secret house church where the true Gospel is preached.

We’ve changed Nian Zhen’s name to keep him safe.

Together Nian Zhen and the other believers sing hymns, clapping their hands and playing instruments in praise to the Lord.

But there is still something missing. These Christians long for a Bible of their own.

Rural China is a Bible desert, and believers have great difficulty getting their hands on a copy of God’s Word. There are no stores out in the country where they can buy them, and going to the city to buy enough Bibles for the congregation would raise suspicion.

Nian Zhen has never seen a new Bible and never thought he would have the chance to own one.

Just then, one of the pastors pulls up in his car. With a beaming smile, he pops the trunk to reveal several cardboard boxes.

Nian Zhen gathers around with the rest of the church members as the pastor cuts the first box open. Inside lays dozens of brand new Mandarin Bibles provided by Christians on the other side of the world.

The believers clap and cheer. As each person receives a copy, he flips through the pages looking for favorite passages. Nian Zhen clasps the Bible to his heart. He is overjoyed to receive his first Bible. 

“Thank you for this precious gift!” Nian Zhen says. “I have been praying for my very own copy of the Bible ever since I became a believer. I yearn to deepen my faith and my relationship with the Lord through studying Scripture.”

These Bibles will be passed down for generations to children and grandchildren. The gift of a Bible has the capability to change countless lives.

* * *

Although Nian Zhen’s prayer for a Bible has been answered, there are still countless people around the world waiting to receive God’s Word. YOU can be the one to give it to them.

For $30, you can provide six Bibles to people who have never owned one before.

You can help flood Bible deserts such as China with the Living Water.

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