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How Bibles For All Ambassadors Helped Four Teenagers Come to Christ

Vernon Brewer
Nov 16, 2023


As Christ-followers, we are called to make disciples of all nations. And there’s no better way to do so than by distributing Bibles around the globe.

Since World Help began in 1991, we’ve distributed more than 10 million Bibles worldwide … thanks in part to our Bibles for All Ambassadors!

From North Korea to Uganda and everywhere in between, stories about the life-changing impact of God’s Word have poured in. And while each testimony is important, nothing makes me happier than seeing the next generation coming to Christ.

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Recently, I received a report about four teenagers from South Asia. They gave their lives to Christ after receiving copies of God’s Word!

These kids come from a tribal community where witchcraft and alcoholism are all too common. When they heard about Jesus from our partner on the ground, they were introduced to something new — hope. And they were desperate to learn more.

Then, thanks to our Bibles for All Ambassadors, they received their very own Bibles to read in their native language!

If the story ended there, it would still be incredible. But that’s not all that happened.

These four teenagers went on to be baptized. And while they don’t have a church in their community yet, that doesn’t stop them from gathering. In the evenings, they gather to worship and read the Bible aloud so other people can join.

“They are very much happy and proud to have this Bible and grateful to God and the donor for this beautiful gift,” our partner said.

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When you give someone a Bible in their native language, they can better understand the Gospel

If you’re currently a Bibles for All Ambassador, I want to thank you for all you do to make God’s name known around the globe. Through your generosity, people living in the most remote, spiritually dark places on earth can hear the Good News and hold a copy of God’s Word in their hands.

If you’re not a part of our Bibles for All program, I encourage you to sign up today and begin distributing Bibles worldwide!

Each month, you’ll provide three Bibles to Christ-followers and seekers waiting for copies of God’s Word. And since people often share their Bibles with friends and family, you could impact up to 180 people in your first year of giving!

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