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How Can You Provide Clean Water by Shipping Lifesaving Aid?

Megan Stoia
Sep 20, 2023


Take a moment to imagine a day in the life of a woman in rural Zambia.

She wakes up just before the sun rises. She knows she needs to fetch water before the day becomes unbearably hot.

Quietly, she grabs her buckets and rope, heading out the door before her family wakes.

As she breathes in the morning air, she begins a walk she has made countless times before.

For some, it is a long, dangerous trek to the nearest water source … which could be miles away.

If she’s fortunate enough to have access to a shallow well — instead of a river or steam shared with the wildlife — she can begin the process of lugging up the water once she arrives.

Clean Water Crisis in Africa
Access to clean water can rejuvenate entire communities

Shallow wells are usually around ten meters deep and can be marked by a tire in the ground. Using a long rope that’s seen far too much use, she will draw up small portions of water to pour into a larger bucket.

Yet even though she drew her water from a shallow well, it is still contaminated. As she begins the walk home, she wonders if this will be the day her child dies from a waterborne illness.

But when it’s the only water source, what other choice does she have?

It’s a mother’s worst nightmare … but this is the reality of life for Anna and countless other women in Zambia and around the world.

While Anna works tirelessly to provide her family with water to cook, clean, and drink, she knows that it could also be the source of their demise. Without a source of clean water, Anna wishes there was something she could do to at least purify the water she’s drawn and make it safer to drink. Most of the time, there isn’t.

Ship aid around the globe
Are you in the Lynchburg area? Come volunteer in our warehouse!

But did you know that when you help ship lifesaving aid, you could actually help someone like Anna make her water safer?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t ship a clean water well. However, you can help ship water purification packets that decontaminate drinking water!

When she has water purification packets, Anna can purify her water before she gives it to her family, significantly reducing the level of contamination — and the chances of contracting a deadly waterborne disease. Just one packet can purify up to 10 liters of water!

In a word, it’s life-changing.

Our Humanitarian Aid Distribution Center is full of emergency supplies like food, clothing, medical equipment, and more — exactly what people like Anna need.

But she and others like her around the world won’t receive the help they need without someone like YOU to ship these supplies.  

And since your gift multiplies 16x, every $1 you give will ship $16 worth of lifesaving aid! That means for just $30, you’ll send $480 worth of critical supplies like water purification packets, food, clothing, hygiene kits, medical equipment, and more around the globe.

Please give your best gift now to send lifesaving help and hope worldwide.


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