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How Did Your Giving Help People Last Month? Click Here to Find Out!

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Apr 27, 2024

It’s our favorite time of the month …. can you guess why? That’s right — it’s time to celebrate all that the World Help family has recently accomplished!

Check out how you helped transform countless lives around the globe in just one month:

You provided emergency supplies to refugees and displaced people …

Providing emergency supplies worldwide demonstrates the love of God to people in need

Conflicts around the world have forced millions of men, women, and children to flee their homes — and you were there to provide help and hope when they needed it most.

In Ukraine, more than 10 million people remain displaced from their homes. Over the past two years, you have continued to provide necessities like food and clothing to thousands each month.

Families in Afghanistan were burning harmful plastics in their homes to stay warm during the last stretch of winter. But your generosity gave firewood, food, and cooking oil to 800 families.

Your impact doesn’t end there … you also provided hot meals to over 1,000 victims of war in Gaza, distributed through a local Christian church.

Shipped life-changing essentials overseas …

World Help President Noel Brewer Yeatts recently visited refugees and displaced people in Eastern Europe

In just one month, you helped cover the cost of shipping six containers of lifesaving aid around the globe! These containers contained an estimated $1.6 million worth of supplies, which will impact over 72,000 people.

These items were a lifeline for people like Maryana. Maryana and her eight children fled to Western Ukraine after Russia launched its full-scale invasion. She struggles to provide enough food for her large family without a steady income. But thanks to world changers like YOU, her family received a supply of nutrient-rich rice!

“I feel like God is showing his love to our family through you,” Maryana said.

Completed two clean water projects …

Children can now go to school without fear of contracting waterborne illnesses

It’s no secret that water is the source of all life … yet countless people worldwide still lack access to clean water to drink, cook, and clean with.

Thankfully, generous supporters like you helped complete two water projects in Peru and Sri Lanka. Because of these projects, over 1,500 people now have access to clean water.

Distributed Bibles to believers in South Asia …

Giving someone a Bible in their native language helps them to understand the Gospel

Christ-followers around the world who don’t have access to God’s Word are desperate to have their own copy of Scripture. You helped answer this prayer by distributing over 2,000 Bibles in five languages throughout South Asia!

“For many of them, this gift is perceived as invaluable, igniting a desire to deepen their understanding of Christ and His teachings,” our partner said.

Built family homes in Honduras …

The Banquedano family can now sleep at night, protected from the elements

You helped complete the construction of three beautiful homes for families in Honduras. One family, the Banquedanos, wanted to share a special message with you:

“Thank you very much for giving us this beautiful house. It is a wonderful gift. God bless you.”

And supported boys and girls in our child sponsorship program!

Helping children complete their education will allow them to break the cycle of poverty

In many countries around the world, the academic school year begins in winter … and many children living in poverty didn’t have the supplies they needed to start the year off right.

Your giving helped provide them with essentials like pencils, notebooks, school uniforms, shoes, and more. Now, they can step into the classroom with confidence and be ready to conquer the school year!

Thank you for making an eternal impact in the lives of men, women, and children worldwide. You have truly transformed their lives!

If you’d like to change even more lives, you can give again to provide more life-changing physical and spiritual aid to the people who need it most.

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