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How does $1 ship $21 worth of lifesaving aid?

Sam Campbell
Jun 13, 2022

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees. We know you can’t walk into a bank, hand the teller a couple of shiny nickels, and expect a $10 bill in return.

So when you read that every $1 you donate can ship $21 worth of lifesaving aid, you’re probably wondering “How can that be?”

Here’s a simple explanation:

Critical supplies like food and clothing are a lifesaver for impoverished communities

Our distribution center is filled with critical supplies like emergency food, clothing, shoes, medical equipment, hygiene essentials, and more. Since generous corporations and grants have already donated these items, your gift goes directly to help cover the shipping cost.

Volunteers sort and package these supplies, and then our staff members load them into giant 40-foot shipping containers to be shipped overseas.

Shipping one of these massive metal containers internationally isn’t cheap — but the contents inside the container are worth even more.

For example, it may cost around $22,000 to ship a container, but that container is packed with hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of supplies. That’s how your gift multiplies 21x!

These shipping containers are a lifeline in the places where they are shipped — places like impoverished villages in Rwanda, remote mountainous regions in Guatemala, and most recently, communities of Ukrainian refugees.

Because of the war with Russia, many Ukrainian families are struggling to find food and hygiene essentials. Children have almost no clothing other than the shirts on their backs. And hospitals are dealing with a shortage of medical supplies.

“The war in Ukraine is causing massive destruction, death, and suffering … with devastating impacts on the most vulnerable people,” the U.N. secretary-general recently said.

Displaced Ukrainian families need emergency aid to survive the ongoing war

We currently have the resources in our distribution center that Ukrainian refugees and other people need to survive … it just needs to be shipped!

And since every donation multiplies 21x, your gift of $30 will send $630 worth of critical supplies like food, clothing, hygiene kits, medical equipment, and more.

Your gift will help ensure that men, women, and children around the globe don’t have to keep waiting for help to arrive. Plus, it will open doors for our partners who distribute the aid you ship to share the love of Christ with the families who receive it.

Click the button below to give now and multiply your impact 21x.

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