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How does your gift multiply 16x? Let me show you!

Chasey Pittsley
Jul 07, 2023


You’ve probably seen by now that when you give toward shipping lifesaving supplies, your gift multiplies 16x. But how does it work? How can $1 — less than the price of a pack of gum — ship $16 in humanitarian aid?

Let me walk you through the process of packing and shipping humanitarian aid.

We recently opened our new Humanitarian Aid Distribution Center in Forest, VA. Picture a huge warehouse where donated essentials like medical supplies, clothing, and other types of critical aid are kept before they’re shipped worldwide. Many of these products were acquired through grants and generous corporate donations.

Give toward shipping and multiply your impact 16x
Take a walk through our distribution center to see how your gift multiplies 16x!

You may be asking yourself, “If we already have all these items ready to go in our warehouse, then why don’t we just ship them out?”

Great question! Receiving these generous donations is only the beginning. After they’ve been sorted and packed by our volunteers, shipping them out is the next step in the process. Lifesaving supplies will be loaded into huge 40-foot shipping containers like this one:

Give toward shipping and multiply your impact 16x
This container is about to be shipped around the world!

Containers like this are filled to the brim with aid to help as many people as possible — often impacting entire villages and communities!

But there’s a slight downside: shipping each container costs over $20,000.

That’s where you come in!

When you give to help ship lifesaving aid, your donation will go directly to cover the cost of shipping these supplies where they’re needed most — whether it be Guatemala, Burundi, Ukraine, or another country.

Give toward shipping and multiply your impact 16x
These critical supplies will go to people who need them most

Next Question: If shipping is so expensive, how is your donation multiplied?

Although shipping huge containers overseas is pricey, the supplies inside are worth even more — hundreds of thousands of dollars, in fact!

That means every $1 you give will cover the shipping cost of $16 in emergency aid. Just imagine: a gift of just $30 will ship $480 worth of supplies to meet the most urgent needs!

These shipping containers will go to help save lives all over the world. Resource-deficient hospitals and clinics in Guatemala will receive desperately needed medical equipment and supplies. Refugees from war-torn countries like Ukraine will receive urgently needed clothing and hygiene. People facing hunger in Haiti will eat, possibly their first full meal in weeks. And that’s just the beginning.

Give toward shipping and multiply your impact 16x
Your gift will make an incredible and lasting impact

When you give toward shipping, you’ll help impact thousands of people! How incredible is that? For just $30, you can send $480 in essentials like food, clothing, and medical supplies to people who need them most.

You’ll also be an example of God’s powerful love and provision to people struggling to survive.

Please give your best gift toward shipping lifesaving aid today.


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