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How is an illiterate parent supposed to homeschool?

Sam Campbell
Sep 01, 2020

If you have a child in school, then you’ve probably added the role of “homeschool teacher” to your resume recently.

When the coronavirus pandemic closed schools back in March, many parents had to adjust to helping their children learn remotely. Perhaps you had to navigate new technology. Or revisit math problems you hadn’t seen since your own school days.

But can you imagine trying to help your child learn if you couldn’t even read and write yourself?

World Help staff recently spoke to our sponsorship partners in the Philippines over Zoom. They said that while all of the sponsored children are safe and healthy, those who live in the remote, rural areas had to find creative ways to complete schoolwork from home.

“We have challenges in certain tribes because parents cannot read,” one of our partners said. “Some use thumbprints to identify themselves.”

These parents never had the opportunity to get an education. All they’ve known is manual labor. And since they can’t even write their own names, they’re unable to help their children with their schoolwork.

Thankfully, our partners on the ground are distributing lessons and school supplies to families in these remote areas.

Many of the children are out of range for internet access and don’t own cell phones, so online learning is out of the question. Instead, the sponsorship staff visits each child’s home — while wearing masks and social distancing — to help the kids complete the worksheets and advance in their studies.

Schools may be closed right now, but these sponsored kids are still receiving an education!

And that’s not all. Through sponsorship, they also have access to nutritious food, clean water, medical care, spiritual mentorship, and so much more. These basic essentials have always been hard to come by for people living in poverty … but the coronavirus pandemic has multiplied the need.

“It’s already been five months since the country has been under quarantine,” one of the sponsorship staff in the Philippines said. “Most of the parents are daily earners. They start working early, and at the end of the day they get their pay. Most of their jobs are laborers like tricycle drivers, farmers, and fishermen. They only earn like six bucks a day.”

Now, they don’t even have that.

Businesses are closed, and fields are deserted. Social distancing has stripped these people of their jobs, leaving them desperate to provide for their loved ones.

That’s why sponsorship is so important.

Despite the pandemic, children with sponsors have food every day. They don’t have to go to bed wondering if there will be something to eat tomorrow.

And they’re also being spiritually fed. Although churches are closed, pastors and church staff are finding new ways to connect and pray with the children online. And for those who don’t have internet, pastors are coming to their villages.

“The pastors are preaching using big sound systems,” our Filipino partner said. “They put it in the coconut trees so everyone can hear.”

This allows the children to worship and hear about God’s love while still staying a safe distance apart. Families stay inside their homes and listen as the speakers echo the message throughout their village!

Isn’t that incredible? Even in the midst of poverty and a raging pandemic, sponsored children continue to receive essentials like food, education, and the Gospel — and it’s all thanks to their sponsors.

Unfortunately, not every child in need has a sponsor looking out for them. In fact, since the start of the pandemic the number of new child sponsorships is down as much as 94 percent! And right now is when kids need sponsors the most.

Will you help a child who is without a sponsor? Your one-time gift of just $105 will provide three months of critical essentials like food, clean water, medicine, educational opportunities, and more to a child waiting for help.

We’ll even text you a photo of the boy or girl you are helping as a special thank you.

You can help make sure that a child in the Philippines or another country continues to learn, grow, and have everything he or she needs … even throughout this pandemic.

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