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How one girl got her future back

Emily Towns
Jun 02, 2019

Aline knows what it’s like to feel empty all the time.

Her father died when she was young, leaving her mother to care for five children alone. This is difficult under any circumstances, but in rural Rwanda, poverty makes it nearly impossible for a single parent to provide for her children. Aline’s family relied on her father’s salary to pay for food and rent; but now, the family had nothing.

This is a story that often ends in tragedy, but it’s one that you can help rewrite the ending. By helping ship emergency food around the world, you give hope to families like Aline’s in the midst of their most desperate moments.

Without a steady job, Aline’s mother struggled to feed her children. Soon, the emptiness in Aline’s stomach echoed the emptiness in her heart over the loss of her father. And soon, that lack of food would begin to have disastrous results.

Hunger affects a child’s education

Aline loves going to school and enjoys studying history and science. She dreams about what she wants to be when she grows up. Some days it’s a doctor, other days it’s a journalist, or even a police officer.

But without an education, none of these dreams will come true. And without regular meals, Aline won’t receive an education. That’s because malnutrition makes it hard to concentrate in class and fatigue makes her just want to sleep.

After her father’s death, Aline and her family moved to a widow’s village in Rwanda. Like most of the mothers living there, Aline’s mother did everything she could to provide for her children. Still, Aline went to school hungry more often than not.

She began to faint in class. Every few days, Aline would pass out from hunger and exhaustion. Her body was beginning to wither away, and her teachers grew worried. Not only were they worried about her health, they were worried about her future. The 12-year-old had grown lethargic, and her fainting spells were keeping her from class.

The school she attended invited Aline to come live at the boarding house — a place made possible by our Child Sponsorship program. There, Aline would finally be able to have regular, nutritious meals, meals that would save her life and support her future.

What a shipment of food can do

Even though the sponsorship program Aline attends is located in a poor community, they regularly have enough food to feed the students. That’s due to shipments of food that are generously shipped through the help of our donors. That food is a blessing to hundreds of children — children whose parents could never afford regular, nutritious meals.

“I had never had such good food,” Aline said. “It has many mixtures in one packet, and I have gained more energy since I took it. Thank you to those who sent us this food.”

When you help ship emergency supplies like food and medical equipment, you help pastors, teachers, and parents around the world as they care for children. The food packets you help ship are nutrient dense — giving children like Aline the mental and physical energy they need to chase their dreams.

What you ship is more than just food. It’s more than just surgical equipment or hygiene kits — it’s a chance at a new life. And all it costs is $30.

Because of grants and generous corporate donors, our warehouses are full of lifesaving aid that is ready to send to people like Aline. With your help, these items will be shipped as soon as possible, and they will be the difference between life and death. And the best part is, your gift multiplies 33X! So your $30 actually helps ship $990 worth of aid, allowing you to impact many more lives.

Give $30 today and help save a child like Aline!


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