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How To Multiply Your Impact 16x

Vernon Brewer
Sep 14, 2023


As prices climb and shortages continue, people living in poverty can’t afford the essentials like food, clothing, and medical equipment they need to survive.

Thankfully, many of these items have already been donated and are in our warehouse, waiting to be shipped to the people who need them. That’s where you come in.

Will you help cover the cost of shipping? Every $1 you give will send $16 worth of lifesaving supplies like food, clothing, and medical equipment to someone like Catherine.

Ship lifesaving supplies worldwide
Meeting somebody’s physical needs is a great way to show them the love of Christ!

Catherine lives in Haiti with her two children, one of whom has cerebral palsy. She’s usually able to provide for them, but since food prices in Haiti have skyrocketed, it’s not always possible anymore.

She recently reached out, urgently asking for help. She had no food in her house to feed her kids and had nowhere else to turn.

“At the moment, things are very hard. Food is expensive,” Catherine said. “There’s no work. Transport can’t happen because life is so expensive here in Haiti.”

Supplies waiting to be shipped could easily meet these and other critical needs. That’s why I’m hoping you will help cover the shipping cost.

Give toward shipping and multiply your impact 16x
You can come volunteer at our Humanitarian Aid and Distribution Center

And remember, when you give to help people like Catherine, your gift will multiply 16x! That means your $30 donation will ship $480 worth of critical aid.

Families like Catherine’s are living without the essentials they need to survive … and they desperately need your help.

Please give your best gift today. The sooner we have your donation, the sooner people like Catherine and her two sons can receive the lifesaving aid they need.

When you don’t have any food, every day counts.

Thank you in advance for being a lifeline to people in need and a powerful example of God’s love.


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