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How You Can Change Lives Through Shipping and Handling

Melissa Schultz
Jul 15, 2016

I’ll shamelessly admit it—I love shopping online.

From cleaning supplies to birthday gifts, I prefer online orders to shopping in the store. Beyond the ease and convenience of online shopping, there’s just something exciting about waiting for a package to arrive, seeing it on your porch, and opening the box—it feels like Christmas every time!

Maybe you’re not an online shopping nerd like me, but here’s something you can get excited about: Shipping and handling.

I know what you’re probably thinking—the worst part about online shopping is paying for shipping! But what if I told you that you could make a huge difference for a family in need by doing just that?


Our partnerships with generous corporations, manufacturers, and relief organizations provide large quantities of donated supplies like medical equipment, shoes, bedding, and clothing. But for these supplies to make a difference, they need to be shipped overseas to countries in great need like Jordan, Guatemala, and Niger.

And this is where you can get involved: Every $1 you give means $33 worth of supplies are shipped to someone in need.

The effects of these distributions are far reaching, benefiting the most simple health issues to some of the most complicated.

In Guatemala, a recent shipment of medical equipment and supplies directly benefitted a hospital that was facing critical shortages.

Angelica, a young mother with a newborn baby, was helplessly watching her little girl fight the effects of malnutrition and health complications. She had already sought help at the local hospital, but with the lack of appropriate medical equipment, the baby was unable to receive care. After receiving the supplies through a recent shipment, Angelica was able to take her baby back to that same hospital to have her condition fully addressed. Today, she celebrates as her baby thrives on the road to recovery. Many other mothers are able to join her in this celebration as their babies’ lives have been changed for the better with the appropriate medical care.


“Guatemala is going through a difficult situation within the health system. The donated equipment will be used to save lives, because they will be strategically distributed within hospitals . . . we are very grateful that you are part of the change that together we will make for our country to overcome calamity.” –Julio Rivera, volunteer

This is just one example of how your shipping and handling dollars are making a difference around the world . . . and how these gifts are an essential part of getting aid where it’s needed most.

When you give toward transformational aid projects, you ensure that an incredibly valuable and urgently needed “package” reaches its destination.


Just $1 means that $33 worth of supplies is shipped—that’s multiplying your impact by 33!

Even though no one likes paying for shipping when making a purchase online, it’s a necessary part of the process. Today, you can change a life by doing just that—investing in shipping—ensuring that life-saving supplies reach their destination . . . providing hope to individuals who will be impacted.

Why not send hope in the form of tangible aid to someone in need?



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