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How you can pray for Ukraine

Blog Team
Feb 27, 2022

You’re probably aware of how, on February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine by land, sky, and sea with unprecedented force. The lives of the Ukrainian people completely changed overnight — and they desperately need our prayers.

The people of Ukraine are running into the unknown. Many had to flee their homes at a moment’s notice. Now, they don’t know where they’ll end up or how they’ll survive.

Women and children are fleeing the country, but men who can fight are expected to stay behind. Families are being split up, grocery stores are empty, and airports are being targeted. Nothing is certain anymore.

Our partners in Ukraine also need prayer, now more than ever.

“I am appealing to you to join us and the Christian community in Ukraine to pray that God would stop any further Russian military action in Ukraine,” our partner said.

It’s okay if it all feels overwhelming — if you’re not sure what you should pray for, here are a few places to start:

Pray for safety, peace, and provision for Ukrainian refugees displaced by the Russian invasion

Pray that Ukrainians will be reunited with family members and able to return home

Pray for our partners on the ground as they work to meet needs and show love to displaced people

Pray for Europe as it makes arrangements to accommodate Ukrainian refugees

Pray for wisdom for Western leaders working to respond to Russia’s attack

Pray that the war will end quickly and peacefully

Pray for the healing of Ukraine and all those affected by the Russian invasion

Your prayers are more powerful than any Russian invasion. So please join with your family, friends, and church members this week in prayer for the people of Ukraine.

If you’d like to get involved in another way as well, you also have the option of giving financially. The people in Ukraine don’t know when they’ll be able to return home, if ever. Now, they need food, water, blankets, and other emergency aid.

Click the button below to learn more and give today.

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