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It’s Human Rights Day. Take a stand for freedom!

Blog Team
Dec 10, 2017

Nearly 70 years ago, representatives from around the world adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Those rights included items such as the right to an education, the right to work, and the right to freedom from slavery.

Today — on Human Rights Day — we celebrate these values … and we fight for those whose rights are yet to be fully realized.

In India, a little girl is beginning her day knowing that all too soon she will be forced to sell her body to pay for her brothers’ marriage dowries — just like her mother did at her age.

And in Thailand, a young woman is preparing for another night of working in the sex industry so she can send money home to her poverty-stricken family.

They may not live in chains, but these girls certainly aren’t free. Today, you have the chance to change that.

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Poverty has robbed thousands of girls of their choice, but you can help give it back to them.

For $50, you can help that young woman in Thailand or that little girl in India escape a life of sexual slavery. You can give her access to an education and a loving, supportive community.

Most importantly, you will introduce her to a God who loves her and values her more than anything else.

Today, you can change someone’s life. Celebrate Human Rights Day by helping a girl reclaim her freedom.


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