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Human Trafficking Awareness Day: How you can help

Blog Team
Jan 11, 2018

Human trafficking is a very serious and very real threat in our world today.

This has led to dozens of online articles about how to protect yourself from being a victim of human trafficking: Be aware of your surroundings. Carry pepper spray. Never share personal information with a stranger.

Unfortunately, many women are forced into the sex industry because of something they are helpless to protect themselves against — poverty.

In parts of India, Thailand, and around the world, girls living in poverty are forced to become sex workers because they believe they have no other choice. Many have no education, and they have families to support. They have been taught that selling themselves is an obligation … the only option.

But this Human Trafficking Awareness Day, you can stand with one girl and help her escape a life in the sex industry for just $50.

Your gift will provide her with a safe place to live, access to an education, and most importantly, a chance to hear about God’s love.

World Help Vice President Noel Yeatts often says, “The greatest weapon of poverty is that it robs people of their choices.”

Today, you can help restore a girl’s choice. You can help give her the tools to fight poverty and escape the sex industry for good. You can help her begin building the life she actually wants — all it takes is $50.

On Human Trafficking Awareness Day, the world is coming together to fight for girls trapped in the sex industry. Will you join the fight and change a life forever?

When you give $50, you give hope … and you give freedom.

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