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Humanitarian Crisis in Syria Escalates: Emergency Aid Needed

Vernon Brewer
Feb 27, 2013

Right now, as you’re reading these words, over 4 million Syrians are in desperate need of aid. Over 700,000 are refugees, and millions more have been displaced from their homes in the wake of a bloody rampage being waged by the Syrian army . . . a wave of continuous violence that has claimed the lives of masses of innocent civilians and crushed the spirit of a nation.

On my recent emergency trip to the Syrian border, I saw this crisis firsthand.

Death tolls are rising. Men, women, and children are being tortured and brutalized. Winter has arrived and food supplies are dwindling. Thousands of refugees are starving, sick, and exposed to temperatures well below freezing. Immediate aid is needed now . . . the lives of thousands of refugee families are on the line.

Humanitarian Aid

I’m asking for your help today to send crucial aid supplies to the Syrian border—food, medicine, blankets, heaters, hygiene items, and more. These items will rescue children from the brink of death and ensure that entire families are able to survive the winter months. They are absolutely essential in the fight for life.

  • A gift of $20 will provide food and medicine for a refugee child for one month.
  • A gift of $100 will provide these same necessities for an entire refugee family for one month.
  • A gift of $1,000 will provide food and medicine for one refugee family for one year.

Just think—it only takes a few dollars to help save a life, perhaps even several. Can you think of a better investment than that?

In an abandoned building along the Syrian border, I met a man named Sheika who told me he was held hostage for a week by government soldiers. He was tortured daily and beaten to the brink of death.

Half of Sheika’s body is now paralyzed—he can’t work and is barely able to move. His 5-year-old daughter, Shahad, has endured serious emotional and psychological trauma because of the violence she’s been exposed to. The damage that is being inflicted is unimaginable—pain that will be felt for years to come. But we can help ease some of the suffering.

Your gift today can help provide a meal, a warm blanket, and a source of comfort for fathers, like Sheika, who don’t know how their families are going to survive the brutal winter months.

Syrian refugees

There are thousands more refugee families who are waiting for help to come. We cannot stand by while these atrocities continue . . . while children are starving and shivering with cold under the flimsy shelter of a tent. We cannot accept that. Thousands more will die from exposure and preventable diseases unnecessarily, while we have the power and resources to intervene.

This is our chance to confront suffering head on—to be a light when darkness seems impenetrable. Please join me today by giving generously to help a Syrian refugee in need.

Together, we can do something today that will outlive us and last for eternity. Don’t miss this crucial opportunity to save many lives.



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