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Humanitarian Crisis in War-Ravaged Fallujah

Blog Team
May 27, 2016

You may have seen in the news: US-backed Iraqi forces are battling for Fallujah, the ISIS-captured stronghold city in central Iraq.

What you may not know is the disastrous humanitarian fallout: All supply lines into the city have been cut off. Their stockpiles of food have long since run out. And ISIS is literally starving tens of thousands of innocent people still imprisoned in the city.

You can intervene:
For $35 you can provide critical supplies to a desperate Iraqi on the very frontlines of this conflict in Fallujah.

We’re not at liberty to explain each detail of the plan, but it involves government and regional authorities, alongside our partners on the ground. It’s difficult, it’s dangerous . . . but we must act.

ISIS has reigned terror over the people of this city for years, and they continue to this day. But, right now, you can bring an end to this. Please don’t turn away.

Predicting a gruesome battle, the Iraqi government mandated the people of Fallujah flee the city weeks ago; however, ISIS militants pledged to kill any who tried . . . leaving innocent women, children, and families directly in the crossfire.

With roads blocked and routes destroyed, absolutely no food, water, or medical relief has reached over 50,000 people for days, if not weeks. Each day becomes a struggle for survival for those living there.

Here’s where you come in:
Your resources will provide emergency supplies that will save lives. You can be the hands of Jesus to these desperate victims behind enemy lines. Please give as generously as you can.

As government forces advance into the city, we have an unprecedented opportunity to be the first on the scene to help these war-ravaged, starving victims of ISIS’ terror. After horrific hardship, you can extend to them food, water, and medical care . . . restoring their health and bringing hope.

This Memorial Day weekend, please consider supporting the very lives many soldiers fought and died to protect in the past.

Again, for only $35 you can provide immediate relief to a hopeless person in Fallujah, desperate for help.

We have a narrow window of opportunity. We must act fast.



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