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Humanitarian Emergency Escalates in Philippines

Blog Team
Nov 11, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan (also called “Yolanda”) was the most powerful cyclone to hit the Philippines in over three decades. It has been said by many that it’s “the most devastating storm to make landfall in history.

The super cyclone shocked the impoverished nation of 96 million, slamming into the coast with a force three and a half times more powerful than Hurricane Katrina. Villages have been battered with a deluge of rain and wind, while others have been entirely buried under mammoth storm surges.

Haiyan disaster Philippines

The United Nations estimates that nearly 10 million people have been directly affected by the typhoon while 620,000 have been displaced from their homes. The death toll is expected to rise far above 10,000 in the coming days.

The need for emergency aid supplies is greater than ever before as millions have lost everything they have.

Les Tilka, our lead partner on the ground, shares this stunning video update of the destruction, as well as how you can be a part of supporting ongoing relief efforts.

Watch Typhoon Haiyan | Crisis Relief from World Help on Vimeo.

We praise God for protecting each of our sponsored children and staff from being harmed during the storm.

Still today, millions of Filipinos remain in desperate need of our help.

They have no water . . . no food . . . no shelter . . . no protection, stability, or comfort. They have lost fathers, mothers, siblings, spouses, friends, and children.

Haiyan has wiped out crops and destroyed fishing boats—virtually eliminating the two most prominent sources of income for Filipinos.

Panic is beginning to set in. Reports of looting and violence are escalating as the situation grows increasingly dire.

According to UNICEF, some 1.7 million children are believed to be living in communities in the typhoon’s path. Most assuredly, thousands will be orphaned by this unbelievable tragedy.

Filipino children typhoon

We’re asking for your immediate help to provide emergency supplies for local families affected by the typhoon.

Every dollar you give will help give food, clean water, shelter, and hope to a typhoon victim.

We must respond immediately before thousands of lives are lost in the chaos.

Don’t miss your opportunity to help save a life. Join us today in offering relief to millions. And please, please continue to pray for people in the Philippines.

Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Response


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