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Hundreds of people want a Bible — and that’s just in Titus’s village

Vernon Brewer
Oct 14, 2022


“These people don’t know anything about Christianity.”

When I first read those words from one of our South Asia partners, I was reminded of how important sending God’s Word around the world really is.

Titus lives in a remote village where people had never heard the Gospel. His community is far away from any highway and doesn’t have a single church. In fact, in this area of South Asia, being a Christ-follower is extremely dangerous. I’ve even had to change Titus’s name to protect him.

Underground church members in persecuted countries are willing to risk their lives for a Bible

Our partners spend hours each week visiting rural villages like Titus’s. Sometimes they can reach these communities by vehicle. Other times, they have to travel on bicycles over rough terrain. When they finally reach a village, the team divides up and starts going door to door.

That’s how our partners met Titus.

Before the team arrived, Titus knew nothing about Jesus. His country is mostly made up of Hindus and Muslims, so Christianity is often seen as a threat or an outsider religion. Thankfully, our partners were able to explain the Gospel to Titus and pray with him.

But that’s not all. Because of the generosity of Bibles for All Ambassadors — people who donate to send Bibles worldwide every month — Titus also received his very first copy of God’s Word that day! Now, he can study the Scriptures for himself, grow in his newfound faith, and share it with others.

Our partners gave Bibles to several other families in Titus’s village, too, but they didn’t have enough for everyone. They said hundreds of people are still longing for a copy of their own — and that’s just in one small community.

Every Bible you send will be shared with at least five people, so your impact will multiply!

All around the world, people are hungry for God’s Word … but they have no way of getting it. Many of them live in countries where having a Bible is illegal or dangerous. Others simply can’t afford a Bible of their own.

Will you help meet this great need?

By becoming a Bibles for All Ambassador, you’ll be part of a special group of donors who send God’s Word around the globe each month. You’ll share the hope of the Gospel with people like Titus all year!

Your $20 monthly gift will send two Bibles each month to places like China, Nigeria, Iran, and beyond. And just like Titus, the people who receive these copies are likely to share them with their family members or friends. Each Bible you send typically reaches at least five people.

That means you could impact 120 people with the Gospel in just one year!

Now is your chance to do something incredible for the Kingdom of God. Become a Bibles for All Ambassador today and help spread the Good News of the Gospel to villages like Titus’s.


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