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Hurricane Ian: Faith in the midst of tragedy

Megan Stoia
Oct 01, 2022

Last week, devastation and destruction rained down on the people of Cuba when Hurricane Ian made landfall.

Powerful winds up to 125 mph knocked out the power grid, leaving the entire island without power. Homes collapsed, crops were ruined, and the blackout left countless residents without access to clean water … even as their communities flooded.

Hurricane Ian was especially devastating for the westernmost part of the country, where many of the Cuban church planters that World Help donors support are located. These churches are working around the clock to help the families in their communities who have lost everything, but they desperately need help.

Hurricane Ian destroys church in Cuba
In the face of devastation, YOU have the power to provide the people of Cuba with help and hope

The photo above shows what’s left of one church building that was destroyed by Hurricane Ian in western Cuba. And while it may have been just a building, it was a building with history — a physical reminder of God’s faithfulness.

“I have pastored this church for more than 22 years,” the pastor said. “From this church, there have been eight pastors sent out, more than 70 missionaries, and more than 30 churches that have been planted.”

To see it all reduced to rubble was soul-crushing. Yet, in the face of all the destruction and pain, this pastor has remained strong in his faith.

“I still have Christ who will come for us and rebuild what was damaged in His name,” he said.

To have such certainty in God’s faithfulness, even in the midst of a horrific tragedy is inspiring, to say the least.

The church that used to meet in this now-destroyed building is praying in faith that God will send help. And it may be that today He wants to use YOU to answer their prayers.

For just $50, you can provide emergency supplies like clean water, food, and more to one Hurricane Ian survivor in Cuba or the U.S.

You can stand with your brothers and sisters who are hurting and help them rebuild in Jesus’ name.


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