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Hurricane relief: How your impact can double!

Blog Team
Oct 11, 2017

Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, and other Caribbean nations are still reeling from the devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Buildings have been leveled. Power lines have collapsed. And finding basic necessities has become a daily struggle for survivors.

But your gift of $50 can send immediate aid to those trying to survive without water, food, and electricity. And when you give today, you will make TWICE the impact thanks to a generous matching gift.

Because of your generosity, hurricane victims already have received food, hygiene kits, bottled water, clothes, and other necessities.

“In one coastal village in Cuba, it looked like the entire village had been swept by a large broom,” our Latin America director explained. “About 90 percent of the community was destroyed. We left food and supplies with the local church planter along with boxes of Bibles.”


But these initial supplies are running low. With the destruction of power plants on the islands, the most desperate need is for food including canned meat, powdered milk, and cooking oil. And the materials that have been distributed need to be replenished quickly.

Without your help, countless men, women, and children will continue to go without the emergency aid they urgently need.

Right now, thanks to the generosity of one of our corporate sponsors, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co., your gift will be matched up to $100,000. Imagine the impact you can make!

The time to act is now.

Thousands of people have to stand in line to receive water. Some are forced to escape the heat and sleep outside since their homes are without power. Businesses are being looted. Roadways are blocked by downed power lines. Without access to lifesaving aid, the conditions in these countries will only deteriorate.


That’s where you can make an enormous impact on those affected by these hurricanes!

Your gift of $50 will provide one person with relief such as food and clean water — items that are absolutely necessary to sustain lives and rebuild futures. And right now, $50 will DOUBLE to $100. That means you will make TWO TIMES the impact.

Please give today to help those in need!


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