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"I Can't Afford NOT To Be A Sponsor"

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Jan 20, 2011

Elizabeth Brandes is going into her second year of sponsorship through World Help.  Inspired by the Children of the World International Choir, Elizabeth made the bold commitment to sponsor two girls from the choir.  Listen as she shares her journey through sponsorship with us.

What inspired you to become a WH sponsor?

I became a WH sponsor in September, 2009 when I first saw the Children of the World in Missouri.  My son, Mike, traveled with the COTW Team in 2009-2010 as a sound/video tech.  We were able to see “our kids” present their program three times in one day on that trip.  I became the sponsor for Angel, a little girl from Destiny Village of Hope in Uganda. Later, I contacted the World Help offices and asked them to choose another COTW child with the greatest need and was matched with Charie Rose from the Philippines.  It’s been an incredible year knowing these two sweet girls.

How has sponsorship impacted you, your family, community, etc.?

Sponsorship of the girls has made us more aware of the needs of children around the world and in various types of circumstances.  Angel doesn’t have living parents while Charie Rose lives with her family in poverty.  We are more grateful for our blessings, for all that we were able to do for our children, and thankful that we can now bless other children who have such great needs.  Several friends & family members have gone with us to see the concerts, I have shown the video to friends and my children’s choir at church, and my husband has shared it with people at his workplace.  It’s very meaningful to have our eyes opened to the ways that we can bless others through the blessings that God has given us.

What advice/encouragement would you give to current and future sponsors?

We would tell prospective sponsors to do it now, don’t wait.  I regret all the years that we could have been making a difference in a child’s life and thought that we couldn’t afford it.  I know now that I can’t afford not to be a sponsor, and I know that the children can’t afford for us not to sponsor them. The needs are so great, and our gifts seem so small in the scheme of things.  We would tell current sponsors not to give their sponsored children up, and we would encourage them to be more involved in their child’s life.  I love sending little things for the girls every month and imagine their happiness to receive an envelope from us.  I’m glad to have access to communicating with them by email, too. That’s something that I plan to do more often.

Through our sponsorship of Angel and Charie Rose, I feel that we are truly making a difference in the lives of 2 girls who need someone to help care for them.  At the same time, I am following the Lord’s commands throughout Scripture concerning the fatherless and the orphan.  I am part of something that is eternal, lasting and worthwhile.  Thanks for the opportunity to join in this ministry.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Brandes for sharing your experience and encouraging our sponsorship community.  We appreciate you!


Become a World Help sponsor today and join thousands that are providing help for today . . . hope for tomorrow! When you become a child sponsor, you are connecting to a specific child in our program and will be able to build and nurture a relationship through letter writing and prayer. 

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