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‘I had to leave everything behind’

Sam Campbell
Nov 04, 2021

Saba was carving out a successful life for herself in Afghanistan.

At just 23 years old, she already owned a home and had filled it with the fruits of her labor — furniture, plush carpets, and brightly-painted walls.

But “Saba” is not this young woman’s real name. We’ve had to change it due to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. In fact, her name isn’t the only thing that’s changed.

Saba’s entire life looks nothing like it used to. She’s now a victim of the Taliban takeover … one of many who needs your help today.


Saba no longer has the comforts of home. No roof over her head or soft carpets beneath her feet. When the Taliban started gaining control of Afghanistan, she had to leave everything she worked so hard for behind.

Now, she’s displaced within her own country.

She’s joined the ranks of so many others who are hiding from the Taliban without access to food, water, or shelter.

“I used to have my own room,” Saba said. “I made it on my own, and it was my own home, neither a man’s nor my father’s. I fought many years for that independence, but now — like so many women — I have had to leave everything behind.”

Afghan women are facing a familiar kind of oppression, one they experienced over 20 years ago under the Taliban’s previous rule.

Once again, armed militants are warning women not to go outside or walk around alone. And girls over the age of 12 are no longer allowed to attend school.

This has become daily life for people like Saba. And unfortunately, it’s about to get worse as the cold months of winter quickly approach. Families have no shelter, blankets, or extra clothing to stay warm. No food to fill their bellies.

Will you be a lifeline for a hungry Afghan in need?


Every $35 you give provides a week’s worth of nutritious food, clean water, medical care, and other lifesaving supplies for one displaced person in Afghanistan or another high-conflict area.

It may not be safe for people like Saba to return to their homes, but your gift will help them survive the difficult days ahead. You will give them help for today … and hope for tomorrow.

Please give as generously as you can.

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