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‘I pray to God to send more Bibles’

Emily Towns
Feb 12, 2019

The cups of tea grew cold while Ester sat and waited for her father to come home.

But that was the last day she ever saw him … her father was martyred for his faith. That terrible day would later set Ester on a mission to bring God’s Word to the people of Iran. All she needs now is your help to provide the Bibles.

For just $10, you can send one Bible to persecuted Christians in Iran.

We’ve changed Ester’s name to protect her. It has been more than 20 years since the day her father was killed, but she still remembers his last words to her. “Before he left, he told me, ‘Prepare tea for me, and I’ll come back,’” she said.

“He never came back.”

Ester’s father was a pastor and an evangelist — a dangerous profession in their home country. He went out that day to share the Gospel, something he did often.

“It was his joy to see people come to Christ,” said Ester.

Unfortunately, many Iranian believers face great persecution … even death. But the Word of God gave Ester hope and encouragement after her father was murdered. She wanted everyone else to know the hope of Jesus.

“I wasn’t sure how I could go on without my father,” Ester said. “But I decided to follow him.”

Like her father, Ester believes the Gospel is worth dying for, so she is determined to share it with everyone around her. She began by writing out verses and leaving them in coffee shops, doctors’ offices, and more. But Ester wanted to do more.

However, because of persecution, Bibles are nearly impossible to find in Iran.

So, she did the next best thing.

Every night, Ester would stay up late, copying the Gospel of John into a notebook. When she finished, she wrapped the notebook up like a present, prayed about where to place it, and left it on a doorstep in a nearby neighborhood. Ester regularly prays for the person who picked it up, but her prayers don’t stop there.

Ester, and many other Iranian believers pray desperately for more Bibles. They want to share the story of Jesus with others, and a Bible in the Iranian language will help them do that.

The underground church in Iran is growing, despite the persecution Christians face; they are already secretly distributing the few Bibles they have. But with your help, even more Iranians will experience the love of God.

Your $10 gift today will provide hope and encouragement to one Iranian believer by providing a Bible. Your gift will help believers like Ester stand strong in the face of danger and continue to boldly share about Christ.

Ester, her father, and many other Iranians are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for their faith. All they ask is for more Bibles. Will you help send Bibles to Iran today?


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