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I was just at the North Korean border


I recently returned from a life-changing trip to the border between North and South Korea, known as the Demilitarized Zone or the DMZ, with World Help founder Vernon Brewer. There, we heard incredible testimonies from our partners and North Korean defectors.

Hearing their stories, I was reminded of what North Korean Christians endure every day to follow Christ … and to survive.

And many of them don’t even have a Bible.

$20 can send food and Bibles to North Korea
Many North Korean Christians have never seen a Bible

Instead, most North Korean Christians must rely on brief Scripture memorization and the hope that they will someday get to experience the Bible for themselves.

Christians in North Korea are not only without Bibles, but they’re also starving. Because of restricted borders and crop failures, North Korea is experiencing the worst famine in decades. It’s gotten so bad that over half the population is undernourished.

Christians in North Korea are hungry — they’re hungry for food and for God’s Word. Can you imagine facing the danger of imprisonment and torture without the encouragement of God’s Word?

The good news is, for just $20, you can give one North Korean Christian a week’s worth of food and a copy of God’s Word. Your gift will be life-changing for those living in constant danger of persecution and starvation.

$20 can send food and Bibles to North Korea
North Koreans are facing the worst famine in over 30 years

Your gift really couldn’t come at a better time. With the nationwide famine and severe food shortages, North Koreans are starving to death.

And it isn’t getting any better.

But YOU can provide help and hope to North Korean Christians right now. Despite the constant danger of imprisonment and death, North Koreans are asking for more copies of God’s Word in addition to lifesaving food.

And all it takes is $20 to meet the desperate needs of one North Korean Christian. Will you give today? Your generous gift will not only be a lifeline, but it’ll also be a testament to God’s faithfulness.


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