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“I’m looking to save people’s lives”: Thomson AC

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Oct 05, 2018
When Josh Thomson first heard about World Help’s mission of bringing help and hope to people in need, he wanted to get involved … but wasn’t sure he was qualified. He didn’t have much to give financially, and he didn’t know if he could make a difference.
Josh still remembers the words that convinced him to take that initial step. A friend told him, “We want you as a person to be involved and help out. We don’t just want your money.”

Since that moment, Josh has always looked for ways to contribute however he can — by volunteering his time, spreading the word about global poverty to his friends and family, and donating financially when he is able.

Over time, God has blessed Josh’s business, Thomson AC, with great success, giving him another way to change lives around the globe. Every year, Josh gives a portion of the company’s profits to help people such as refugees, orphans, and impoverished families.

“Just as easily as this business was entrusted to me, the Lord could have it not entrusted to me very soon,” Josh said. “I want to give from what I have while I have it.”

Even now that he’s a successful businessman, Josh has never forgotten what his friend told him. He takes every opportunity to share the message that encouraged him so much.

Partnering with World Help is something Josh believes has value for many reasons. He has seen it impact his family, his employees, and those in need. But his main goal is simple:

I’m looking to save people’s lives. You can’t share the love of Jesus with a dead person. So my hope is that every time we give, there are people who are able to continue living to either share the love of Christ with others or have the love of Christ shared with them.

Giving through his company hasn’t just impacted Josh’s personal and professional life. He’s also seen a difference in the lives of his children.

One of Josh’s young daughters has taken a particular interest in a photo album his wife received after a trip to Guatemala with World Help. Josh said they keep it on his daughter’s bookshelf.

“Often, she will take that book out and want to go through the pictures, and she’ll ask about the children that don’t have toys,” he said. “She’ll set random things aside and say, ‘We should send these to the kids that don’t have any toys.’”

While Josh has been helping needy people through his business for a long time, he knows it’s not just the people who receive the gift who benefit. He’s seen it put a smile on the faces of his employees, too.

And he believes other business owners should consider their employees when deciding whether to give corporate donations to charity: “Your employees want to give, but they don’t know how. When I ask my employees can we set aside a budgeted amount for charitable donations this year, it’s always a unanimous decision.”

Because of Josh Thomson and Thomson AC, thousands of lives have been improved. The company’s generous giving is an example of the impact a business can make on people in dire need. And Josh’s testimony reminds us that we all have the ability to change the world.


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