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Impact Stories

Read stories of lives saved through Rescue Programs around the world.

Santos Isaias Ramirez

Along with severe malnutrition, Santos was brought to the Baby Rescue Center with a large mass on his heart and a high fever. He was immediately taken to the hospital for surgery and also received nutritional therapy after his procedure. Santos responded so well to treatment, he was discharged only several days later. Without this surgery and treatment, Santos would not have survived. Operation Baby Rescue saved Santos’ life and restored hope for his future.

Maria Gonzala Garcia Gutierrez

Four-year-old Maria and several of her siblings came to the Baby Rescue Center with similar conditions—all the results of extreme malnutrition. Like her sister, Audelina, she suffered psychomotor delays and was affected by a painful skin condition. Maria was so sick, she had stopped smiling . . . even responding emotionally. But along with her sister, she received the medical care she needed and continues to grow stronger every day.

Carlos Ovidio Garcia Ramirez

Even at a year old, the pain in Carlos’ face was clearly visible. His mother passed away due to complications from his birth, and his father cared for him as best as he could. However, Carlos had been malnourished for the majority of his first year and had failed to reach many of the developmental marks for children his age. After being taken to the Baby Rescue Center, Carlos was put on a nutrition-rich diet, and he began to gain weight immediately. He is growing in leaps and bounds and is now a healthy weight for his age.

Belsy Elizabeth Lopez Zelaya

After suffering through weeks of diarrhea and other malnutrition-related complications, Belsy was admitted to the Baby Rescue Center. Along with a high fever, she was also diagnosed with a lung infection. By the time she reached the rescue center, her skin was dull, the majority of her hair had fallen out, and she was in desperate need of life-saving medical care. With proper nutrition and medication, her health has been transformed.

Audelina Garcia Gutierrez 

Audelina came to the Baby Rescue Center in a severe state of malnutrition and was suffering with psychomotor delays. She was also plagued with extremely painful skin sores, and every movement brought misery. Although her mother could barely provide for her children, she was determined to find help for Audelina. Now after weeks of treatment and nutrition therapy, this 8-year-old girl has grown stronger and her painful skin condition has begun to heal.

Jairo Garcia Garcia

Jairo’s mother died just days after he was born, leaving him in the care of his grandparents who could barely afford to feed him. This newborn went without the essential nutrients he needed in his first weeks of life, and it was only a matter of time before he became severely malnourished. He was so dehydrated by chronic diarrhea that his skin clung to him in folds. It was doubtful Jairo would survive much longer without treatment. However, our rescue team reached this little boy in time. Jairo’s tiny body has undergone complete transformation—his face is no longer gaunt and his once-shriveled skin has filled out.

Bella Dayana Tux Ax

Bella developed malnutrition shortly after she was born, and because of her family’s poor financial situation, she went without needed medical attention. She was briefly hospitalized with pneumonia, and shortly after being released, contracted malaria which took an extreme toll on her health. Without emergency attention, Bella had no chance of survival. She was admitted to the Nutritional Rehabilitation Center through the Baby Rescue Center, and after extensive treatment her health and weight has stabilized.

Aroldo Martinez Arias  

Because his family could not provide him with the nutrients he needed, Aroldo and his four brothers suffered from blindness and poor eyesight—a common consequence of malnutrition. He was only two years old when our team took him to the Baby Rescue Center for treatment. There he received nutrition therapy and responded almost immediately. Though Aroldo is permanently blind, his health is better than ever before. The rescue center provides him and his siblings with regular check-ups and the supplies they need to remain healthy.

Maria Maybely

At just 3 years of age, Maria’s health began to deteriorate. She developed a painful rash as a complication to malnutrition, and her stomach was constantly swollen. Although she received a dosage of medication, she showed no signs of improvement. When our rescue team found her, they could see the pain in her face. She was rushed to the rescue center where she received immediate attention and was enrolled in a rehabilitation program. Her skin condition has begun to heal and her frail body is filling out. Maria’s malnutrition would have soon claimed her life if rescue hadn’t reached her in time.

Darlyn Raymundo

Because Darlyn’s family lives well below the poverty line, they were unable to afford medical care when she became ill. At only a year old, Darlyn was a shockingly low weight. Malnutrition prevented her body from absorbing essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, she contracted chronic diarrhea from contaminated drinking water. When she was rescued by our team in Guatemala, Darlyn was also diagnosed with a serious lung infection. However, she responded very well to treatment and proper nutrition and began to gain weight quickly. She is growing stronger every day and will receive follow-up care to ensure she remains healthy.

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