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Christ came to earth with two clear messages — love God and love others — and He demonstrated this love in selfless, radical action.

With millions of people living in both physical and spiritual poverty, our world requires God’s love like never before. By providing HELP and HOPE to those who have been overlooked for far too long, you can show this same love in action to a desperate world.


In 2017, get involved through 17 one-of-a-kind projects, impacting lives in countless ways.

  1. Share the Gospel in some of the darkest communities on earth.
  2. Bring clean water to the sick and thirsty.
  3. Restore hope for thousands of children living in poverty.

Please give as generously as you can toward this vision. Every dollar given represents a life that will be rescued, a soul that will be saved, or a community that will be transformed.

Together, we can impact 3.5 million lives this year … our biggest goal yet! You are critical to this goal. With your investment, commitment, and action, we can achieve this God-sized task.

In order to reach 3.5 million lives, we must raise $18 MILLION to fund all 17 programs


1,470,000 PEOPLE:

Plant churches and start Vacation Bible School programs in areas unreached by the Gospel

525,000 PEOPLE:

Distribute Bibles to persecuted Christians and unbelievers in their own languages

112,500 VILLAGERS:

Transform 44 villages through clean water as well as spiritual and community development

30,000 PEOPLE:

Provide 40 clean-water projects that restore health and promote economic growth

66,750 PEOPLE:

Empower and educate individuals through sustainability programs

65,000 STUDENTS:

Construct school buildings in developing nations to ensure quality education

3,750 PEOPLE:

Support the Christian Renewal Center, which helps at-risk youth and senior citizens in Cuba

1,000 GIRLS:

Equip the Slavery Rescue Center to help girls escape the practice of child prostitution

375,000 PEOPLE:

Introduce new donors to World Help projects through outreach and advocacy events

25,000 PEOPLE:

Send immediate disaster relief and restoration to areas devastated by natural disasters

700,000 PEOPLE:

Provide lifesaving humanitarian aid to those enduring extreme poverty and persecution

90,000 REFUGEES:

Supply refugee support including critical food and supplies to those fleeing from ISIS

30,500 PEOPLE:

Improve health and quality of life through community development projects

50,000 CHILDREN:

Give impoverished children a chance at a brighter future as a result of child sponsorship

2,000 BABIES:

Restore the health of children suffering from malnutrition through Rescue Programs

2,075 PEOPLE:

Help the homeless by building family and orphan homes in vulnerable communities

1,000 WOMEN:

Offer hope through the Freedom Home to women trapped in Thailand’s sex industry

*Impact numbers based on estimated projections. World Help will report on actual statistics in 2018.

World Help is dedicated to complete transparency and efficiency in all of our work. Through total giving to World Help projects, your gift is doubled in impact making an eternal difference worldwide.

*The impact of your gift (not revenue, cash grants, or corporate donations, unless specifically matching) doubles, when compared with the monetary value to receive, handle, and deliver donated goods and services.

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