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Impacting Children in Haiti: Five Years Later

Amanda Mattingly
Jan 13, 2015

More than 230,000 lives were taken, 300,000 injured, and 1.5 million people were displaced by the catastrophic 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010 . . . five years ago. This nation still feels the effects of this tragic disaster, as an estimated 80,000 people are still residing in camps having lost their homes, loved ones, and their possessions due to the earthquake.

Haiti malnutrition crisis

In the wake of this horrific event, many children were left without families . . . orphaned boys and girls roamed the streets without access to any basic necessities or anyone to care for their needs. Night after night, thousands of children were left without food, shelter, and much more. These impoverished conditions were a death sentence for many men, women and children.

But amid the tragedy of this earthquake five years ago, hope is seen today throughout Haiti.

Millions of dollars in aid have been provided to Haiti to help rebuild their nation, and World Help is proud to be one of the many partners that have been involved in Haiti’s restoration. Through humanitarian aid, Operation Baby Rescue, and child sponsorship, World Help has invested in Haiti for years . . . witnessing the incredible transformation since the earthquake and seeing the children grow and develop thanks to child sponsorship and our partner, Danita’s Children.

Sponsor A Child Haiti World Help

Through the children’s center, boys and girls were given a safe shelter while being cared for by a loving staff. Additionally, they receive access to things like nutritious meals, basic medical care, and durable clothing while also attending school where they are receiving a quality education. Through sponsorship and the work at Danita’ Children, boys and girls have been given help for today and hope for tomorrow . . . hope for a brighter future they never could have imagined.

When Derdiny and Roudley were only 8 and 6 years old, they both suffered through the tragic experience of losing their mother as a result of the earthquake that struck Haiti. Left in the care of their very ill father, they had little hope for a promising future, and their father, despite his best efforts, struggled to provide for his two sons. Danita’s Children became a safe refuge for these children and an answer to their father’s prayers that his children would be cared for in a safe environment.

Derdiny - World Help sponsorshipDerdiny today

Roudley - World Help SponsorshipRoudley today

Today, Derdiny and Roudley are healthy and thriving. They are receiving an excellent education and enjoy playing soccer and various other games with their friends. Derdiny even hopes to use his athletic talents to become a professional soccer player one day. Roudley specifically enjoys his French class in school and hopes to become a teacher so he can help educate other children in the surrounding villages. Both of these boys, and many others like them, now have the opportunity to dream big thanks to the sponsors who have intervened by investing in children’s lives in Haiti.

Will you join with thousands of other World Help sponsors today and invest in the life of a child in Haiti? Your partnership will continue to aid this nation as they continue to rebuild from the devastating earthquake in 2010, and your investment will transform the life of a child in need.

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