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In North Korea, one Bible helped plant 12 churches

Vernon Brewer
Nov 04, 2019

“Did you bring it?”

A group of North Korean women bunched around Naomi to get a peek at the first Bible they had ever seen … a Bible that would go on to help plant 12 underground churches in North Korea.

But Naomi’s story didn’t start there. It wasn’t long ago that she was risking her life to get out of North Korea. Tired of living in poverty, she swam across the frigid river into China one night under the cover of darkness, fully expecting to be struck with a bullet at any moment. She collapsed on the other side, exhausted and amazed she had made it out alive.

While living in China, Naomi heard the Gospel for the first time and gave her life to Christ. The more she studied the Gospel, the more she knew she had to go back and share this Good News with others in North Korea, even if it meant crossing that deadly river again.

And now the stakes were even higher because as Naomi prepared to return home, she had something in her bag that could land her in prison for 15 years or even get her killed.

It was a Bible.

Even though Naomi was scared, she knew she had to get that Bible into North Korea. There are so few copies of God’s Word in the country that many believers have never held or even seen one for themselves.

Naomi retraced her steps across the river, back into the country of her birth. When she arrived at her home, the place was cold and empty. But it wasn’t long before she heard a knock on the door.

Outside, a group of women greeted her in God’s name.

“How? … How do you know that I am a believer?” she asked.

We were gathered in silent prayer and felt God telling us that the woman who had returned to this house was a believer and had the Book. Did you bring it?” one of the women said.

When Naomi showed them her Bible, the women gasped. They had been waiting so long to see one, and they were desperate to read Scripture for themselves. They stayed through the night, taking turns reading from the Bible. The following night, even more people came.

Over the next few months, Naomi traveled to various villages, sharing the Good News and distributing handwritten copies of the Scriptures, painstakingly transcribed from her own Bible. Today, that one copy of God’s Word has produced over a dozen underground churches.

If just one Bible can have such an effect, imagine the difference you can make when you give another Bible today!

Every $10 you give will send one Bible to North Korea. You can give God’s Word to people living in the world’s most dangerous place to be a Christian.

The women Naomi encountered had been waiting and praying for Bibles for a long time. And right now, there are others just like them who are praying the same prayer. Will you give a Bible today and help be the answer to someone’s prayer?

Your gift will make a difference that will outlive you and last for eternity.


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