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In war-ravaged Yemen, your help is vital!

Blog Team
Jan 09, 2019

Yemen’s nearly four-year civil war has created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Three-fourths of the population doesn’t have enough food and other essentials, and children have been affected the most. They are slowly starving to death.

But for $35, you can help provide emergency food and medicine to one person in Yemen.

According to the U.N., Yemen is now home to the world’s largest food security emergency. And the country is currently “one step away from famine.”

The Iranian-backed Houthi rebels are controlling its ports, restricting what food, medicine, and hygiene items can come through. As a result, food prices have doubled and families are slowly wasting away.  

Even when the airstrikes stop, families continue to suffer without enough food.

Around 85,000 children have already died of starvation. And over 2,700 have died due to the cholera outbreak that has spread because of a lack of clean water. Hundreds of thousands more are on the brink of death if they don’t receive immediate help.

As the two conflicting sides fight over who has control, Yemen’s youngest generation — and the country’s future — is dying off from hunger and disease. But you can do something to help!

Your $35 gift will provide emergency food and medicine for one person trapped in this humanitarian disaster. You can help save someone’s life!

World Help has partners on the ground in Yemen, ready and waiting to distribute food and other supplies. But they can’t do it without YOU.

Please don’t wait. People are dying … they desperately need your help.


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