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In Yemen, war comes at a great cost — but saving lives doesn’t have to

Emily Towns
Feb 18, 2019

How do you measure the cost of war? Do you count the buildings destroyed, the businesses wrecked, or the livelihoods lost? Do you simply count the lives taken too soon, or do you factor in the impact those losses have made on the people left behind?

In Yemen, years of war has cost thousands of lives — with millions more men, women, and children on the brink of death. But for only $35, you can help save one person … you simply need to act now.

And while conflict has taken a deadly toll on the nation, it isn’t bullets or bombs that are causing the number of deaths to rise.

It’s starvation.

Fighting and blockades mean that what little food is left in the country isn’t able to reach the people who need it most. Experts say that food is now rotting at a rapid pace.

Millions of Yemeni people don’t have enough to eat — separated from nutrients by a line of fire. They are suffering. And with medical care also scarce, many families just like yours have little hope of survival.

The United Nations is calling the situation “the world’s worst man-made humanitarian crisis.”

And it is children who are suffering most. Caught in the crossfire of a brutal war, more than 100 kids under the age of 5 die from hunger or untreated sickness … every … single … day.

Global leaders and officials have called for a ceasefire many times, hoping that the pause will allow food and medicine to reach people in need. So far, those efforts have been largely unsuccessful.

Thankfully, there’s something you can do to help — and it doesn’t cost much. Your $35 gift will provide emergency food, medicine, and hygiene kits to one person in Yemen. You will help save a life in the midst of tragedy.

Imagine being trapped in your city with no way to feed your family. Imagine watching your children become increasingly sick as the days go by. It would be unbearable.

This is what the people of Yemen face every day. This is the cost they are paying for a war most of them never wanted.

Will you give $35 today to help rescue someone from the brink of starvation?


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