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India: Banchara Home

In communities throughout India, sex slavery is synonymous with tradition. Nari Mata, a 500-year-old custom, dictates that girls, as young as age 12, must assume financial responsibility for their entire family. And even boys are taught at a young age that it is acceptable to sell women. These girls are told they have no other choice but to join their mothers in a life of cultural slavery and prostitution — their only means of survival.

But through child sponsorship, these young girls are given another option — a safe place to live and an education. And not only will boys receive basic needs, they’ll learn that their sisters have worth and shouldn’t be burdened by the centuries-old tradition of paying their brothers’ dowries. The longer these children stay in the classroom, the more likely they will discover they have choices … a destiny that is not determined by gender or social standing.

For just $35 a month, you can begin your sponsorship journey and give a child from the Banchara tribe hope for a better future.

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