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INDONESIAN DISASTER: “The situation is nightmarish”

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Oct 03, 2018

Disaster victims in Indonesia are still reeling after the 7.3-magnitude earthquake and 20-foot tsunami that struck this past Friday. People wander dazed through the streets looking for loved ones or huddle together in displacement camps in fear of aftershocks.

“The situation in the affected areas is nightmarish,” the head of the International Federation of the Red Cross said.

There is almost no food, clean water, or shelter for survivors. But for just $50, you will help provide these and other emergency supplies to one person in Indonesia.

In some areas, help still hasn’t arrived … and desperation has set in. People are looting, scavenging, begging, and doing whatever they can to find food.

“Everyone is hungry, and they want to eat after several days of not eating,” one town leader said. “We cannot pressure them to hold on much longer.”

The stench of bodies decomposing under rubble, buried in the mud, and in makeshift morgues fills the air. The death toll has already risen to more than 1,200 — and officials fear that number could soar.

Many people worry that those who made it through Friday’s devastation won’t last much longer if they don’t receive help soon.

You can help someone survive — for just $50. Your gift will assist in providing the most critically needed items like nutritious meals, clean water, medical aid, hygiene kits, and more.

Please continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones, for relief workers on the ground, and for those who are struggling to hang on in the wake of this tragedy. And please give what you can to provide food and other vital needs as quickly as possible.

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